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The choice of an attorney is a very personal decision. The attorney's role is to represent you in court. To do that effectively, they must know a great deal about you. You also must trust them, as their performance may make a significant difference in your future.

You Know What To Expect When You Hire Scibetta Law Office

If you have been charged with a crime or if you need help with a family law matter or personal injury case, you want an attorney who knows a great deal about New York or federal law. But you want more, you want an attorney who knows the local courts in Rochester, and who knows the prosecutors, judges and other lawyers. Our attorney, Michael P. Scibetta, knows this area and the people who live here.

Our attorney grew up in Rochester and has practiced law since 1993. He began his criminal law practice in 1996 and has provided zealous advocacy for his clients for almost 25 years.

The following link contains more detail on our attorney's experience and education:

You Get Mike

With Scibetta Law Office, you will work with Mike. Your case will not be handed off to a junior associate or another attorney. Mike is the law firm, and he handles all of the details of your case, from your initial interview to making closing arguments in the courtroom.

This means if your criminal charges or personal injury case goes to trial, our attorney knows every element of your case. He understands both the fine details and the big picture, and he can argue convincingly and comprehensively the points of your case. This in-depth knowledge of your issue, combined with our attorney's deep roots in this legal community mean you always receive the strongest possible defense.

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Legal matters always demand a prompt response. Working with an experienced attorney is the best way to ensure that your case is properly handled and your rights are fully protected. Call the Scibetta Law Office today at 1-877-ROC-ATTY, 585-232-2770 or use our online form.

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