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Facing A DUI/DWI In New York

When many people are charged with their first DWI, they are in shock. They don't know how to respond because it may have been the first time they are placed under arrest. This sense of confusion can lead you to make mistakes and lose opportunities to obtain a better outcome.

You want an experienced attorney to represent you with DUI/DWI charges. These are serious criminal charges. A conviction for a DUI/DWI, even if it is a first-offense DWI, carries unpleasant consequence, including the necessity of paying for the installation and maintenance of an ignition interlock device, which will be necessary if you hope to drive to work or school with a restricted license.

Leandra's Law

This is a result of Leandra's Law, passed by the New York Legislature in 2010, which made ignition interlocks mandatory for all individuals convicted of either a misdemeanor or felony DWI in the state. A judge shall order this for at least six months. If you are convicted of a DWI with child in car, you

An ignition interlock works like a breath testing device, and the driver must provide a breath sample to start the engine and at random points while driving.

If you drive for a living, you may lose your commercial driver's license (CDL) if you are convicted, as no employer will be able to obtain insurance for you, and they likely would not want to pay for a ignition interlock.

You Don't Have To Be Driving To Get A DWI

While there are many lakes in the Rochester area that make for a pleasant way to cool off during the summer, the DWI laws also apply to boaters, and you can lose your license to drive a motor vehicle if you are convicted of boating while intoxicated (BWI).

You can also be charged with a driving while ability impaired (DWAI), if your BAC is less than .08, but above .05, which may have less severe consequences than a DWI.

Underage Drinking?

Our attorney knows the negative consequences that can follow a conviction for underage drinking. With all of the colleges and universities in the area, our firm has a great deal of experience helping parents and their children deal with these charges.

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A DUI/DWI can be very expensive in the long run. Working with an experienced lawyer is the best way to ensure that your case is properly handled and your rights are fully protected. Call the Scibetta Law Office today at 1-877-ROC-ATTY, 585-232-2770 or use our online form.

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