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Traffic Violations

You Should Take That Traffic Ticket Seriously

It may seem a lot easier to just take out your credit card and pay a ticket for a traffic violation. An attorney can be expensive, and you may not have the time to sit around in court waiting of for your case to be heard.

The problem is often that a single ticket can multiply, and you may not even remember receiving some of them. In addition, if you travel in many of the small towns near Rochester, you may find that they raise a significant portion of their operating budget by using speed traps to issue speeding ticket to motorists who may not notice the change in the speed limit.

Texting While Driving?

Cellphones are ubiquitous, and many people use them in their vehicles. New York's anti-texting law can be another means of accruing points against your license. It may seem like a minor offense, but together with other traffic violations, they can add up and cost you your license or increased insurance costs. Those insurance costs may be far greater than the cost of an attorney.

Commercial Driver's License?

If you hold CDL, traffic violations can cost you your job. Speeding on I-90 or the local highways, equipment violations, texting or distracted driving charges, and any form of DUI/DWI can put you out of work. Our lawyer is experienced in dealing with all of these charges, and in some cases, our firm may be able to resolve your violation without your needing to return to court in Rochester.

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Too many traffic violations can cost you your license. Working with an experienced attorney is the best way to ensure that your case is properly handled and your rights are fully protected. Call the Scibetta Law Office today at 1-877-ROC-ATTY, 585-232-2770 or use our online form.

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